Rosebud Programs

Executing for growth

  • A 12-week business scaling program where team alignment, prioritization and a co-created roadmap for execution (goals, milestones, responsibilities, KPI’s and main activities) will kick start execution and drive activities from the very start
  • Offering improved execution through mutually agreed plans and convenient follow-up – for successful scaling!

Customer validation tours

  • Interviewing customers for value proposition validation and for finding new insight for product extensions
  • Offering a fine-tuned sales & marketing message matching customer needs – for better conversion!

Marketing acceleration

(on request through partners)

  • Setting up professional digital marketing for various channels and training the team – for efficient, measured marketing to support sales

Teaming up for growth

  • Individual and team profiling. Aligning teams around mutual and individual preferences, values and priorities
  • Offering more refined and agile role and responsibility distribution within the team – for smoother execution!

Investment story creation

  • Bringing a unique and professional touch to the investment story and materials
Offering a more efficient and focused fundraising project

Sales acceleration

(on request through partners)

  • Setting up professional sales operations in the Swedish market – for a faster transition to scale growth through Stockholm

The need

Entrepreneurs face completely new hurdles when transitioning into the scaling phase. 
Experience and skills are needed to scale fast through building true, strong teams 
while still keeping focus on products, customers, finances and so on.

Gaining new insights and learning new ways of working are today expected to 
happen in months, when it took years before.

Entrepreneurs need more hands on advisory and prioritization support 
to allow the venture to build a solid base for robust scaling – 
and at the end of the day – to reach the vision!

Priorities and execution


  1. The challenge is having too many tasks at hand and having to choose between these
  2. Prioritization is the factor that drives what is being done
  3. Success comes from what is accomplished. 
We call this execution

Scaling with success

Three cornerstones with pragmatic and proven methods and tools provide a common language for self-managing teams to 
keep aligned, execute and scale growth through strong operations.



Rosebud Ventures facilitates hands-on during assignment steps 
bringing everybody together ensuring buy-in of the priorities and the plan ahead.

All work is done together with the team so
 the new tools, insights and experiences stay with the team post assignment.


Pricing depends on team size, growth stage & business complexity. Contact us for a first touch down to get an offer for your execution program containing predefined deliverables and expected results.