About Maria Horelli-Rosenlew

I am an entrepreneurial leader with significant international experience from groundbreaking and fast businesses. Over the past 25 years I have run operations and worked with teams in a variety of ICT ventures, ranging from startups to bluechip organisations.

During my early career at Microsoft I worked long hours delivering results and patching holes with great energy, dedication and flexibility, what ever the task or hurdle I was facing. After I had my first child, I quickly realised that in order to have some work-life balance, my team’s work needed to be simplified. I wanted to leave work every day knowing that my customers buy my products, use them without hassle and recommend them to friends. And I could sleep tight.

Since then, in every operational team I’ve been involved in, I have always made it my priority to define what the core business is, how to stay focused, and how to achieve success.

Over the years, my specialties have also become more and more commercialization-oriented including creation and management of sales and marketing strategies, tactics and operations, whether online, outbound/inbound or in the field.