• We help entrepreneurs & teams scale ventures successfully by clarifying priorities for best-in-class execution!

  • When the path to success is full of twists and turns…

    ...it is crucial to ask the right questions.

  • Scale with success …

    ...using Rosebud methods & tools

What does Rosebud Ventures do?

  • Executing For Growth Programs

  • Using Best-In-Class Tools

  • With Hands-On Methodology

  • Involving Core Teams & Individuals

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What are the deliverables?

Clear prioritized execution roadmaps and customer segmentation

Immediate energy & clarity of execution

Validated value proposals through customer interaction

What are our customers saying?

– Andreas Lalangas, CEO & Founder, SalesBox

”Rosebud Ventures’ hands-on method and toolkit helped me as a CEO with the vital and time-consuming aspect of aligning the team around the same business priorities and goals, jointly agreeing on our customer focus and sharpening our on-boarding as a SaaS company. Overall a great support for more efficient team coordination and leadership.”

”My role as a CEO and founder was greatly supported by a frequent professional sparring partner with solid operations and business experience – which is a great benefit, as boards rarely have enough time”

– Olle Årman, CEO & Founder, Dinbox

”Dinbox is on a very strong growth path with strongly increasing turnover and revenues and with several new product areas coming up. Rosebud Ventures has helped us to transition to a new level of business development and leading our growing team. And not loosing focus on the customers!”

”Rosebud Ventures’ methods and tools have demonstrated that scaling a business can be both business and team oriented, and still fun, allowing us to step to new levels of success and growth!”

– Ville Mujunen, CEO, Ninchat

”As Ninchat is about to enter a scaling phase, Rosebud Ventures helped us with the vital aspect of getting the team aligned around the key customer sweetspot and clarifying ”The Ninchat Story” we tell. This has helped me greatly as a CEO to see more clearly what we need to do in terms of building the business and the team going forward”

”Rosebud Ventures’ hands-on client tour in Stockholm and customer feedback created a great base to discuss my business with a speaking partner who thoroughly understands Ninchat, our team and priorities going forward. And at the same time securing some great sales opportunities for Ninchat in Sweden!”

Who should participate?

CEOs & Founders
& Doers
Board Members

Typical goals

  • Growth Scaling
  • Revitalization
  • Operational Scaling
  • Due Diligence
  • Team Leadership
  • Post Investment Roadmap

What’s in it for you?

Stakeholder buy-in of
roadmaps & milestones

Focus through jointly prioritized & coordinated efforts

Less stress, more 
time spent
core activities